The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a relatively modern concept that is often said to be far more efficient and cost effective than radiators. In this article, we will explore the benefits of underfloor heating and why it is a more desired form of central heating.

There are two types of underfloor heating to choose from: electric heating, otherwise known as a ‘dry system’, and water pump-driven heating, which is also known as the ‘wet system’. Electric underfloor heating is a series of wires that are installed underneath or within your flooring as a way to heat up a room and are effective on tiles and stone floors. Water underfloor heating consists of a series of pipes connected to your boiler that circulates warm water throughout the entire pathway, providing heat to the room.

Space Saving

Underfloor heating, whether it may be water heated or electrical, is often used in apartments or small houses because it is an effective way of saving space. By removing the need for radiators, rooms benefit from more wall space and less space restrictions. It also allows the removal of unsightly pipework that can clutter a smaller room.

Radiant Energy

Underfloor heating is the most comfortable type of heating because it is a radiant energy source. People have evolved to prefer this type of heating as it is completely unobtrusive unlike convective forms of heating, such as radiators. A radiator works by using the air in the room as a transport mechanism which causes warmer air to rise to the ceiling and cooler air stay at floor level. This makes the air dry and can cause dry eyes and stuffy noses for certain people.

Radiant energy created from the underfloor heating is absorbed by other surfaces in the room, which warm up and become what is known as a secondary radiant energy emitter. The reason why this energy source is preferred is because we are gently warmed from radiant energy emitting objects in the room as opposed to a harsh source of convection heating. This is much more comfortable for the inhabitants than a radiator.

Energy Efficiency

For all of the energy conscious individuals out there, underfloor heating is the perfect way of saving energy. The wet underfloor heating system uses water at a much lower temperature than that required by radiators therefore resulting in less energy wastage. Radiators need the water to be at a temperature of around 70 to 80 Celsius to be effective at heating a room, whereas an underfloor heating system only needs to be heated to 40 to 60 Celsius. A boiler with an internal pump can also make for a more energy efficient heating system, as the movement of the water in the pipework can help to create more heat.

If you are looking for a way to save space and money whilst using less energy, then the underfloor heating system is the way forward. Although the set up costs are slightly more expensive than a standard convection heating system, it will be well worth the money for the comfort and satisfaction you will receive from this marvellous modern system.